List CLARIN K-centres with expertise in specific language resources families

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CLARIN Knowledge-Centre for linguistic diversity and language documentation

Areas of competenceThe CLARIN Knowledge-Centre for linguistic diversity and language documentation offers expertise on data and data-related methods, technology and background information on language resources and tools to researchers - including students and native speakers. CKLD provides information and assistance relating to fieldwork and data-related methodological aspects and in particular relating to equipment, digital tools, methods, where to find data and information, whom to contact for specialist information on particular regions or language families.
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Other languages covered   Under-researched languages and languages families (linguistic diversity). Expertise in Athabascan, Austronesian, Austro-Asiatic, Dravidian, Finno-Ugric, Papuan, etc
Modalities coveredText, audio-visual recorings of speech
Linguistic topicslanguage documentation, linguistic typology, linguistic fieldwork
Language processing-
Data typesAV collections, typological databases
Resource familiesAV collections of endangered and under-researched languages
Generic topicslinguistic fieldwork
Other keywords-
Types of servicesInformation materials, guidelines, tutorials, consultancy
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CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Language Learning Analysis

Areas of competenceOur centre is happy to provide advice on tools, corpora, and methods for the study of first and second language learning, conversational interactions, and a variety of language and developmental disabilities including aphasia, stuttering, TBI, dementia, and ASD.
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Other languages covered   -
Modalities coveredSpeech, gestures
Linguistic topicslanguage development, conversation, language disorders
Language processingspeech analysis, archiving, fluency, lexical access
Data typesCorpora, both text and multimodal
Resource familiesChild language, conversations, clinical data
Generic topics-
Other keywords-
Types of servicescorpora, tools, web screencasts, manuals, GoogleGroup mailing lists, email support, workshops
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CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Speech Analysis

Areas of competenceTechnical advice on speech analysis relating to all aspects of speech technology, including speech science, speech applications, and speech in interaction.
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Other languages covered   Swedish, English
Modalities coveredSpeech, biosiglnals, audiovisual data, sensor data
Linguistic topicsphonetics, pathology
Language processingspeech analysis, speech modelling, speech processing
Data typesacoustic and language models, dictionaries, vocabularies, pronunciation data, biosignals related to spoken interaction
Resource familiesoral history, parliamentary records
Generic topicsdeep learning, evaluation, tools, visualization, ASR, legal issue, data management
Other keywords-
Types of servicesawareness, tools, mentoring
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CLARIN Knowledge Centre for South Slavic languages

Areas of competenceOffers expertise on language resources and technologies for South Slavic languages
Is portal for language(s)Slovene, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian
Other languages covered   -
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topicsApplied linguistics, Dialect studies, Sociolinguistics (for South Slavic languages)
Language processingBasic processing of South Slavic languages
Data typestraining data, language models (for South Slavic languages)
Resource familiesNewspapers, social media, parliamentary records, historical texts, language learner corpora (for South Slavic languages)
Generic topicsdeep learning, evaluation of tools (for South Slavic languages)
Other keywords-
Types of servicestools, data, mentoring, dissemination, awareness, web lectures
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CLARIN K-Centre DANSK - DANish helpdeSK

Areas of competenceDanish language and Danish sign language, language resources and language technology tools and services for Danish.
Is portal for language(s)Danish and Danish sign language
Other languages covered   -
Modalities coveredText, sign language
Linguistic topicsmorphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics
Language processingDanish language processing, tokenisation, PoS tagging, lemmatization, name entity tagging, tree banks, corpus tools, multimodal corpora annotation and processing
Data typescorpora, word net, multimodal annotations
Resource familieshistorical and literary corpora, contemporary domain specific corpora, Hansards, multimodal annotations, NLP tools
Generic topics-
Other keywords-
Types of services-
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IMPACT centre of competence - CLARIN K-centre in digitisation

Areas of competenceIMPACT-CKC (IMPACT centre of competence - CLARIN K-centre in digitisation), as knowledge centre offers expertise and resources to institutions and researchers looking for advice in digitisation and related fields. The IMPACT-CKC resoruces include a demonstrator platform for online testing tools, a collection of high quality images with associated ground truth, historical lexica for 10 languages as well as training materials and registries on tools, initiatives, datasets and competitions.
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Other languages covered   Spanish, English, Polish, French, Dutch, German, Slovene, Czech, Latin, Bulgarian
Modalities coveredText, AV data
Linguistic topicscorpus linguistics, diachronic language resources, language learning
Language processingbasic language processing, information extraction
Data typeslexical data, language models, linked open data and ontologies
Resource familieshistorical texts, lexical resources, literary texts, newspapers
Generic topicsOCR, digitisation, visualisation, evaluation of tools
Other keywords-
Types of servicestools, data, mentoring, dissemination, awareness, tutorials, web lectures.
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Systems and Frameworks for Morphologically Rich Languages

Areas of competenceSAFMORIL brings together researchers and developers in the area of computational morphology and its NLP applications. The focus of SAFMORIL is actual, working systems and frameworks based on linguistic principles providing linguistically motivated analyses and generation outputs. Such systems are relevant in particular for languages with rich morphologies. SAFMORIL offers online courses for developing morphologies, tokenizers and spell-checkers, and a repository for storing morphologies.
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Other languages covered   Primarily Nordic and Baltic languages (such as Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Lithuanian as well as the Sámi languages), but also more generally Fenno-Ugric languages, Inuit languages, Canadian First Nation languages and Babylonian languages
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topicsMorphology and Morphosyntax
Language processingProcessing of morphologically rich languages
Data typesLexical resources containing inflectional, derivational and compounding information as well as morphosyntactic grammars and language models
Resource familiesMorphological Lexicons, Grammars and Language Models
Generic topicsPrimarily Finite-State Applications, but to some degree also Statistical Methods and Neural Networks
Other keywords-
Types of servicesdata, tools, web demos, web lectures and tutorials
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