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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Atypical Communication
Short nameACE
Contact nameHenk van den Heuvel
Contact emailH.vandenHeuvel@let.ru.nl
Hosted byCLST - Centre for Language and Speech Technology at the Radboud University Nijmegen
Date of certifcation2019-06-19
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages covered
Modalities coveredText, speech, sign language
Linguistic topicsLanguage acquisition (L1 and L2), language disorders
Language processing topics
Data Types
Resources Families
Generic topicsCritical Data Management; Legal and ethical issues
Other keywords
Area of competenceAtypical communication encompasses language and speech as encountered during (second) language acquisition and development, and in language disorders, but also more broadly in bilingual language development and in sign language. ACE is specialised in this type of research and concomitant infrastructural issues related to data acquisition, processing and sharing, which is typically highly characterised by sensitivity issues. For data storage and access the centre collaborates with MPI's TLA (The Language Archive) which is a CLARIN B Centre and also based in Nijmegen.
Types of servicesInformation and guidelines about:
- consent (forms)
- hosting corpora and datasets containing atypical communication
- where to find corpora and datasets containing atypical communication
- including FAQ
Helpdesk/consultancy for questions on these topics
Technical assistance for designing, creating, annotating, formatting and metadating these resources
Outreach: presentations, workshops contributions, etc
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Tour de CLARIN interview
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