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Full nameCzech CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpus Linguistics
Short nameCorpLingCz
Contact nameMichal Kren
Contact emailmichal.kren@ff.cuni.cz
Hosted byCzech National Corpus, Prague, CZ
Date of certifcation2018-12-04
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages covered
Modalities coveredText, Speech
Linguistic topicsCorpus linguistics (including methodology and statistics)
Language processing topicsBasic language processing (POS tagging, parsing)
Data TypesSpeech corpora, parallel corpora
Resources Families
Generic topics
Other keywords
Area of competenceProvides information, consulting and technical assistance on all topics related to corpus linguistics. This includes data formats, annotation, metadata encoding, corpus querying, corpus linguistics methodology, statistical methods etc. Another specialization of the centre is empirical research on the Czech language.
Types of servicesWe are ready to provide data, tools and technical assistance, share expertise and hold workshops on demand on the topics covered by the K-centre. There is an on-line helpdesk to handle the user requests.
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