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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for South Slavic languages
Short nameCLASSLA
Contact nameNikola Ljubesic
Contact emailnikola.ljubesic@ffzg.hr
Hosted byJozef Stefan Institute (CLARIN.SI)
Date of certifcation2019-03-19
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages covered
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topicsApplied linguistics, Dialect studies, Sociolinguistics (for South Slavic languages)
Language processing topicsBasic processing of South Slavic languages
Data Typestraining data, language models (for South Slavic languages)
Resources FamiliesNewspapers, social media, parliamentary records, historical texts, language learner corpora (for South Slavic languages)
Generic topicsdeep learning, evaluation of tools (for South Slavic languages)
Other keywords
Area of competenceOffers expertise on language resources and technologies for South Slavic languages
Types of servicestools, data, mentoring, dissemination, awareness, web lectures
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