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Full nameSystems and Frameworks for Morphologically Rich Languages
Short nameSAFMORIL
Contact nameKrister Lindén
Contact emailkrister.linden@helsinki.fi
Hosted by(1) University of Helsinki, FI
(2) University of Tromsø, NO
(3) University of Latvia, LV
(4) Vytautas Magnus University, LT
Date of certifcation2019-10-17
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages coveredPrimarily Nordic and Baltic languages (such as Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Latvian, Lithuanian as well as the Sámi languages), but also more generally Fenno-Ugric languages, Inuit languages, Canadian First Nation languages and Babylonian languages
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topicsMorphology and Morphosyntax
Language processing topicsProcessing of morphologically rich languages
Data TypesLexical resources containing inflectional, derivational and compounding information as well as morphosyntactic grammars and language models
Resources FamiliesMorphological Lexicons, Grammars and Language Models
Generic topicsPrimarily Finite-State Applications, but to some degree also Statistical Methods and Neural Networks
Other keywords
Area of competenceSAFMORIL brings together researchers and developers in the area of computational morphology and its NLP applications. The focus of SAFMORIL is actual, working systems and frameworks based on linguistic principles providing linguistically motivated analyses and generation outputs. Such systems are relevant in particular for languages with rich morphologies. SAFMORIL offers online courses for developing morphologies, tokenizers and spell-checkers, and a repository for storing morphologies.
Types of servicesdata, tools, web demos, web lectures and tutorials
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