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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Treebanking
Short nameTreebanking
Contact nameKoenraad De Smedt
Contact emaildesmedt@uib.no
Hosted by(1) University of Bergen (UiB)
(2) LINDAT @ Charles University in Prague (CUNI)
Date of certifcation2015-06-25
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages covered
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topics
Language processing topicsBuilding and processing treebanks
Data TypesTree banks
Resources Families
Generic topics
Other keywords
Area of competenceTreebanks: construction, integration, search, processing, formats
Types of services
Tour de CLARIN introduction https://www.clarin.eu/blog/blog-post-clarin-knowledge-centre-treebanking
Tour de CLARIN interviewhttps://www.clarin.eu/blog/clarin-k-centre-treebanking-interview-helge-dyvik
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