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Full nameCLARIN K-centre for Diachronic Language Resources
Short nameDiaRes
Contact nameEva Pettersson
Contact emaileva.pettersson@lingfil.uu.se
Hosted by(1) Centre for Digital Humanities, University of Gothenburg
(2) Department of Lingistics and Philology, Uppsala University
(3) Riksarkivet (Swedish National Archives)
(4) Språkbanken (The Swedish Language Bank), University of Gothenburg
Date of certifcation2019-01-16
Is portal for language(s)
Other languages covered
Modalities coveredText
Linguistic topicsDiachronic language studies
Language processing topicsDiachronic language processing
Data Types
Resources Families
Generic topics
Other keywords
Area of competenceDiachrionic text collections, historical texts, and tools and resources for processing and analysing them
Types of services
Tour de CLARIN introduction 
Tour de CLARIN interview
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