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Brief CV
Steven Krauwer


Personal data

Personal data


Steven Krauwer

Date of birth

March 20, 1946

Place of birth

Hilversum (NL)



Education and degrees


B.Sc., Mathematics and General Linguistics, Utrecht University


Mathematical and Computational Linguistics, University of Copenhagen


M.Sc., Mathematics, Utrecht University





Lecturer and Researcher in Mathematical and Computational Linguistics, Department of Linguistics, Utrecht Institute of Linguistics OTS, Faculty of Arts, Utrecht University


Researcher and Project Manager in language and speech technology, Utrecht institute of Linguistics UiL OTS, Utrecht University


Guest researcher at UiL OTS


Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC


Senior Advisor at CLARIN ERIC



Research interests

Initially mostly oriented towards the description of language by means of simple formal devices (especially Finite State Transducers, [8]). Participation in the CEC’s MT Project EUROTRA from 1980 until it ended in 1993. Main area of interest: formal and linguistic design issues (cf e.g. [4, 9]). In the second half of the 80s most of the time was spent on organisational issues (cf below). After the end of EUROTRA I took up the topic of evaluation (cf [5]), and this work was continued via participation in TEMAA (LRE-2 project on evaluation), and my participation in one of the EAGLES subgroups on standards and evaluation. In parallel I became interested in robust language processing. Work in this field (based on the combination of rule-based and statistical knowledge) was carried out in the context of the CLASK project (CEC International Collaboration) (cf [10, 11]). Machine Translation remains on my research agenda (cf [12],[13]). Ever since I took over the Coordination of ELSNET in 1995, the integration of language and speech (cf [14]), cooperation between academia and industry, interdisciplinarity and internationalization have become my main interests. During this period  I have become interested in language and speech resources (cf [15],[16,[17]), especially for under-resourced and endangered languages (cf [18],[19]).  Since 2005 I have been actively involved in the development of a common language resources infrastructure for the humanities, resulting in the CLARIN project (2008-2011). This project led to the creation of the Common Language resources and Technology Infrastructure (CLARIN, cf [20]), of which I became the first executive director (2012-2015).



Organisation and administration


Head of the Dutch EUROTRA group (Machine Translation)


Programme Manager STT (Foundation for Language Technology)


Co-chair of the Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, EACL93 (Utrecht)


Coordinator of ELSNET, the European Network in Human Language Technologies


Chairman of the Board of the ELSNET Foundation


Member of the Editorial Board of Machine Translation (MTJ)


Organiser of the Workshop on Spoken Language Translation, (MTSLT97) organized in conjunction with EACL/ACL97 in Madrid


Chair and Organiser of the conference ELSNET in WONDERLAND (Soesterberg)


Co-chair and Organiser of the workshop Towards a European Evaluation Infrastructure for Language and Speech (TEEILS98) in conjunction with LREC in Granada


Co-chair of the EACL99 Workshop on Internet Supported Education in Language and Speech (ISELS99)


Co-chair of the ACL2000 Workshop on Infrastructures for Global Collaboration (IGC2000)


Co-chair of the EACL/ACL2001 Workshop on Sharing Tools and Resources (STR2001)


Co-chair of the EACL/ACL2001 Workshop on Arabic NLP (ANLP2001)


Co-chair of the EACL/ACL2001 Workshop on HLT for Knowledge Management (HLTKM2001)


Chair of the MT Summit MT Roadmap Workshop (MT2010)


Chair of the TMI2002 MT Roadmap Workshop (MTR2002)


Chair of the Resources Roadmap Workshop at LREC 2002 (RRM2002)


Chair of the Computational Linguistics Roadmap Workshop at COLING 2002 in Taipei


EACL 2003 Workshop Chair


Co-chair of the workshop entitled International Roadmap for Language Resources in Paris


Co-organiser of the special session at Eurospeech 2003 (Geneva) entitled Towards a Roadmap for Speech Technology


Co-coordinator of the Conference on Arabic Language Resources and Tools Conference in Cairo


Co-organiser of the Language Resources and Evaluation Roadmap workshop at LREC2004 (Lisbon)


Co-organiser of the Computational Linguistics Resources Panel at COLING (Geneva)


Sponsorship Chair of the COLING/ACL 2006 Conference in Sydney


Co-organiser of the Workshop on Quality Assessment and Validation of Language Resources at LREC (Genoa)


Member of the Executive Committee of FEL, the Foundation for Endangered Languages


Coordinator of CLARIN, the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure (EC project)


Executive Director of CLARIN ERIC


Senior Advisor at CLARIN ERIC



Steven Krauwer — Selected Publications


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Hinrichs, Erhard and Steven Krauwer (2014). The CLARIN Research Infrastructure: Resources and Tools for eHumanities Scholars. In: LREC2014 Proceedings, Reykjavik, May 2014.


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