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Like everybody else I am receiving loads and loads of spam messages every day, including messages that seem to originate from my own email address or from ELSNET. Please be assured that we never ever send out any spam and that all our PCs are continuously checked for viruses that might lead to unintentional spamming. Unfortunately we cannot stop others from faking the sender address of their messages. If you are in doubt whether a message is coming from us, please check the IP address from which the message originates. You will normally find it in the message headers. If you have reason to believe that a spam message is coming from one of our machines, please notify us immediately and send us a copy of the offending message, including all message headers, so that we can take action.

Blacklisting policy

Sites from or through which spam or other malicious attacks on our site are launched are automatically blacklisted. You can check the list here (unless you happen to be blacklisted, of course).
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