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Full nameCORLI French CLARIN Knowledge Centre for Corpora, Languages and Interaction
Short nameCORLI-K-centre
Hosted by(1) Huma-Num / CNRS UMS 3598, Paris, France
City of main hubParis
Country of main hubFR
Date of certifcation2020-07-14
Area of competenceCorpus linguistics with a special focus on the French language and the languages of France
Audiences- Linguists
- Sociolinguists
- Language teachers
- Computational linguists
- Literature
- Language diachrony
Types of services- Projets groups depending on the issues and needs of the linguistic community
- Good practices for corpus creation and maintenance
Language portal for- French
Other languages covered- LSF (French Sign Language)
- Old French
Modalities covered- Text corpora
- Spoken language corpora
- Video/multimodal corpora
Linguistic topics- Format and tools for corpus studies
- Multilingual, multimodal corpora
Language processing topics- Corpus format and tools for creating and analysis corpora
Data types- Text
- Spoken language
- Video
Resource families
Generic topics- Legal issues
Other keywords- Continuous education
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