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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre of Lund University Humanities Lab
Hosted by(1) Lund University Humanities Lab at Lund University, Sweden
City of main hubLund
Country of main hubSE
Date of certifcation2017-02-12
Area of competenceAdvice on multimodal and sensor-based methods, including EEG, eye-tracking, articulography, virtual reality, motion capture, av-recording, natural language processing
Audiences- Language archivists
- Linguists
- Behavioural and cultural scientists
Types of services- Language archiving
- Assistance and mentoring with the use of data and tools
- Consultancy
- Training courses
Language portal for
Other languages covered- Swedish
- English
- Austroasiatic languages
Modalities covered- Audio-visual data
- Gestures
- Multi-modality
- Sensory data
- Speech
- Written text
Linguistic topics- Comparative and phylogenetic linguistics
- Dialect studies
- Field linguistics
- Language diversity
- Language learning
- Language production
- Neurolinguistics
- Phonetics
- Psycholinguistics
Language processing topics- Information extraction
- Keystroke logging
- Named entity recognition
- Text mining
- Visual prosody
Data types- Dictionaries
- Language models
- Lexical and typological/morphosyntactic databases
Resource families- Historical corpora
- L2 learner corpora
- Manually annotated corpora
- Multimodal corpora
- Spoken corpora
- Oral history collections
Generic topics- Multimodal and sensor-based methods
- Eye-tracking
- Articulography
- Virtual reality
- Motion capture
- audio-visual-recording
- Working with GIS
Other keywords- Interdisciplinary research
- Methodological know-how
- E-science
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