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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for Language Learning Analysis
Short nameCLARIN-Learn
Hosted by(1) Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, United States
City of main hubPittsburgh
Country of main hubUS
Date of certifcation2016-05-15
Area of competenceOur centre is happy to provide advice on tools, corpora, and methods for the study of first and second language learning, conversational interactions, and a variety of language and developmental disabilities including aphasia, stuttering, TBI, dementia, and ASD.
Audiences- linguists
- psycholinguistics
- developmental psychologists
- computer scientists
- educators
- clinicians
Types of services- corpora
- tools
- web screencasts
- manuals
- GoogleGroup mailing lists
- email support
- workshops
Language portal for
Other languages covered- 35 languages, with a particularly wide coverage for child language
Modalities covered- Speech
- gestures
Linguistic topics- language development
- conversation
- language disorders
- child language
- second language
- bilingualism
- conversations
Language processing topics- speech analysis
- archiving
- fluency
- lexical access
Data types- Corpora, both text and multimodal
- clinical data
Resource families
Generic topics
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