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Full namePhonogrammarchiv / Austrian Academy of Sciences - CLARIN K-Centre
Short namePhA-OeAW
Hosted by(1) Phonogrammarchiv, PhA, Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna, Austria
City of main hubVienna
Country of main hubAT
Date of certifcation2015-06-22
Area of competenceAs an audio and audio-visual archive with numerous collections of unique research recordings from all across the world, covering a time-span of 120 years, the Phonogrammarchiv offers various services: Besides providing access to its rich data and metadata resources (remote & onsite), it advises scholars on audio-visual research methodology in the social sciences & humanities and on technologies of audio and audio-visual documentation, supporting them with necessary recording equipment. In addition, it widely shares its broad expertise on topics such as restoration, digitisation, format obsolescence, cataloguing, metadata, long-term preservation and storage.
Audiences- scholars
- source communities
- linguists
- ethnomusicologists
- social / cultural anthropologists
- historians
- archivists
- audio-visual conservators
- museums
- media
- artists
- teachers
Types of services- access to audio and audio-visual data and metadata
- individual advice & assistance
- group trainings
- workshops
- higher education teaching
- internships
- institutional cooperations
Language portal for
Other languages covered- languages / dialects worldwide
Modalities covered- audio data
- audio-visual data
Linguistic topics- field linguistics
- dialect studies
- corpus linguistics
- language documentation
- oral history
Language processing topics
Data types- audio data
- audio-visual data
Resource families- Spoken corpora
Generic topics- physical restoration of audio-visual media
- digitisation of audio-visual media
- format migration of audio-visual media
- metadata of audio-visual media
- long-term preservation & storage of audio-visual data
- audio-visual fieldwork & documentation
- legal issues
- ethical issues
- data management
Other keywords- ethnomusicology
- musicology
- linguistics
- field linguistics
- social / cultural anthropology
- history
- African studies
- conservation
- postcolonial studies
- sound studies
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