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Full nameCLARIN Knowledge Centre for the Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language
Short namePORTULAN
Hosted by(1) Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal (coordinator)
(2) Faculdade de Letras da Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
(3) Universidade de Évora, Portugal
City of main hubLisbon
Country of main hubPT
Date of certifcation2019-06-19
Area of competenceThe Science and Technology of the Portuguese Language is the thematic area of this CLARIN Knowledge Centre. Related to the Portuguese language, it covers all topics, from Phonetics to Discourse and Dialogue, considering all language functions, from communicative performance to cultural expression, approached by all disciplines, from Theoretical Linguistics to Language Technology, covering all language variants, from national standard varieties across the world to dialects of professional groups, taking into account all media of representation, from audio to brain imageology recordings.
Audiences- Researchers
- Innovators
- Citizen scientists
- Students
- Language professionals
- Users in general whose activities resort to research results from the Science and Technology of Language
Types of services- Consultancy on language science and technology matters for companies, organizations, public services, etc.
- Technical support to use and explore the remaining services for research and education
- Online and offline language processing tools - e.g. conjugators, terminology extractors, concordancers, part-of-speech taggers, deep linguistic processing grammars, etc.
- Online and offline research support applications - e.g. lemma frequency extractors, treebank annotators, etc.
- Online access to data sets - e.g. linguistically interpreted corpora, terminology data bases, EEG records of neurolinguistic experiments, collections of literary texts, etc.
- Online access to data samples - e.g. video recording of sign language, words for concepts in the Organization sub-ontology, etc.
Language portal for- Portuguese
Other languages covered
Modalities covered- Written text
- Speech
- Sign language
- Neuro-cognitive records
- Audio-visual data
- Multi-modal data
Linguistic topics- Anthropological Linguistics
- Applied Linguistics
- Clinical Linguistics
- Cognitive Science
- Computational Linguistics
- Discipline of Linguistics
- Discourse Analysis
- Forensic Linguistics
- General Linguistics
- Genetic Classification
- Historical Linguistics
- History of Linguistics
- Language Acquisition
- Language Documentation
- Lexicography
- Linguistic Theories
- Morphology
- Neurolinguistics
- Philosophy of Language
- Phonetics
- Phonology
- Pragmatics
- Psycholinguistics
- Semantics
- Sociolinguistics
- Syntax
- Text/Corpus Linguistics
- Translation
- Typology
- Writing Systems
Language processing topics- Language understanding
- Language generation
- Speech recognition and transcription
- Speech synthesis
- Muliti-modal processing
- Information extraction
- Text mining
- Conversational interfaces and chatbots
- Machine translation
- Summarization
- Question answering
- Subtitling
- Tokenization
- POS tagging
- Named entity recognition
- Word sense disambiguation
- Syntactic analysis
- Semantic analysis
- Anaphora resolution
- Dialogue processing
- Speaker detection
Data types- Corpora, written, spoken and multi-modal
- Word embeddings
- Language models
- Dictionaries
- Ontologies
- Term banks
- Translation memories
- Treebanks
- Typological databases
- Wordnets
- Lexica
- Conceptual Resources
- Glossaries
- Wordlists
- Speech databases
- Multi-modal databases
Resource families- Computer-mediated communication corpora (social media)
- Corpora of academic texts
- Historical corpora
- L2 learner corpora
- Literary corpora
- Manually annotated corpora
- Multimodal corpora
- Newspaper corpora
- Parallel corpora
- Parliamentary corpora
- Reference corpora
- Spoken corpora
Generic topics- Data management
- Ethical issues
- Evaluation of tools
- Language use in specific domains (e.g. legal or medical language)
- Legal issues
- Metadata
- Standards
- Visualisation
Other keywords
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