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Full nameCLARIN K-Centre DANSK - DANish helpdeSK
Short nameDANSK
Hosted by(1) Department of Nordic Studies and Linguistics (DNSL)(University of Copenhagen), Denmark
(2) Danish Language Council (DSN), Copenhagen, Denmark
City of main hubCopenhagen
Country of main hubDK
Date of certifcation2016-03-10
Area of competence- Danish language and Danish sign language
- Danish language resources
- language technology tools for Danish
- NLP methods
Audiences- Linguists
- Computational linguists
- Sociolinguists
- Language and literature researchers
- Citizen scientists
Types of services- Best practice documents
- Consultancy
- Helpdesk
Language portal for- Danish
Other languages covered- English
- Danish sign language
Modalities covered- Text
- Sign language
- Gestures
Linguistic topics- Morphology
- Syntax
- Semantics
- Pragmatics
- Lexicography
- Multimodality
Language processing topics- Tokenization
- PoS tagging
- Lemmatization
- Named entity tagging
- Parsing
- TEI annotation
- Corpus tools
- NLP tools
Data types- Text corpora
- Wordnets
- Lexica
- Multimodal annotations
Resource families- Historical corpora
- Literary corpora
- Parliamentary corpora
- Lexica
Generic topics- NLP
- Basic processing/annotation of corpora
- Data management
- Standards
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